As an avid football lover, I had the privilege of witnessing an awe-inspiring journey that unfolded at the SEA Games 2023. The Indonesia football national team, shattering a 32-year gold medal drought, captivated the nation and reignited my passion for the beautiful game.

However, I will not talk about the tactic or technical things about football. It’s not my cup of tea, for sure. I want to discuss what I found via Meltwater – the world’s first online media monitoring tool – on the impact of the event from a media analysis point of view.

In this blog, article, essay, or whatever you say, I delve into the media frenzy surrounding their triumph, explore the concept of Ad Value Equivalency (AVE) or arguably mentioned PR Value to measure their impact, and envision the marketing opportunities that lie ahead for this historic team.

From the moment the final whistle echoed through the stadium, the news of Indonesia’s victory spread like wildfire. Over 26,000 news coverage pieces within a span of 30 days encapsulated the sheer magnitude of the team’s achievement. As headlines blazed with pride, I reveled in the shared elation, realizing that I was part of a moment that would forever be etched in Indonesian football history.

As the news outlets chronicled the national team’s remarkable journey, a wave of football fever engulfed the nation. With a potential reach of over 1.3 billion, the stories of their triumph reached every corner of Indonesia. From bustling city streets to remote villages, the passion for football became a unifying force, transcending social barriers and connecting us all through a shared love for the game.

Being a marketing & communication enthusiast, I couldn’t help but marvel at the concept of Ad Value Equivalency (AVE) and its impact on the team’s success. With an AVE of USD 452,840, it became apparent that the media coverage surrounding the national team’s victory was a goldmine for brands. This metric allows marketers to quantify the value of their association with the team’s success, providing a tangible measure of the exposure and brand visibility attained through earned media coverage.

PR Value or AVE provides valuable data points that can inform marketing and sponsorship strategies. These metrics allow marketers to measure the impact of their PR efforts, evaluate the value of media coverage, and make data-driven decisions.

When presenting marketing or sponsorship offers, this data can be instrumental in showcasing the potential reach, visibility, and monetary value of media exposure. I think, by quantifying the impact and aligning it with the goals and objectives of potential partners, marketers can create compelling proposals that highlight the benefits of association and collaboration.

Next: Indonesia vs Argentina

Looking ahead, the international friendly match against Argentina emerges as a tantalizing opportunity for marketers to capitalize on the team’s triumph. The global interest in this monumental clash presents a stage for brands to shine.

By knitting the narratives into the tapestry of Indonesian football’s resurgence, we can tap into the passion and dreams of football enthusiasts, creating powerful connections that resonate deeply with consumers.

The Indonesia football national team’s victory at the SEA Games 2023 has not only reignited the nation’s footballing spirit but has also unleashed a multitude of marketing opportunities. From experiencing the media frenzy to understanding the value of AVE, I witnessed firsthand the power of this triumphant journey.

As the team sets its sights on future challenges, marketers can ride the wave of their success, leveraging the passion and engagement of fans to create impactful brand narratives.

The era of Indonesian football’s resurgence has arrived, and I am excited to witness how marketers seize the spotlight, connecting with consumers on a deeply emotional level and leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of Indonesian football enthusiasts.

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