Football or sepak bola has always held a special place in the hearts of fans, and the recent clash between Indonesia and Argentina has only intensified that passion.

While the final whistle may have blown, the media coverage surrounding Indonesia vs Argentina match continues to reverberate. From the most gripping headlines to heartwarming human-interest stories, the event has captivated the attention of both local and international news outlets.

The global interest sparked by Indonesia vs Argentina match has been nothing short of phenomenal. Football enthusiasts from all corners of the globe turned their attention to this clash, making it a truly international spectacle. The sheer magnitude of coverage surpasses what one would typically expect for a football match, with an astounding lift of 213,451 more coverage than the media could have anticipated.

The estimated unique audience generated by Meltwater is an astonishing 3,8 billion. We witnessed one of the most talked about moments in that game when Asnawi Bahar become the national hero after tackling the Manchester United rising star Alaejandro Garnacho. Everyone talked about it, extending the reach far beyond national borders.

Before the Argentina clash, we witnessed the Indonesian football national team’s victory at the SEA Games 2023. This triumph not only rekindled the nation’s footballing spirit but also unlocked a plethora of marketing opportunities. The gold medalist and Persib wonderboy Beckham Putra even received a great offer from a smartphone brand for endorsement.

Brands absolutely seized the chance to tap into the emotional resonance of the team’s success, aligning themselves with the dreams and aspirations of football enthusiasts. It’s an invitation to join the celebration and become part of the narrative that drives Indonesian football forward.

PR Scorecard

I had the opportunity to be involved in that game to manage the media operations. There were >800 journalists who applied for the accreditation so they can attend the match in the stadium, but unfortunately, the organizer could only approve 400 journalists due to the capacity. However, something that I would like to bold is the huge amount of enthusiasm of the media and I think the buzz of the game raised the reach beyond the country borderline and the usual bar.

Ad Value Equivalency (AVE) emerges as a crucial metric for quantifying brand visibility in the aftermath of Indonesia vs Argentina match. The numbers speak volumes, with AVE surpassing previous benchmarks by a staggering eightfold. This surge in brand exposure signifies the impact of the match on media coverage and public perception.

PR Value and AVE go beyond mere metrics; they provide valuable insights that shape marketing strategies. The AVE number generated from Meltwater regarding the visit of the world’s number 1 team to Indonesia is an impressive 3,971,292. This surpasses the AVE obtained from the victory of the Timnas Indonesia at the 2023 SEA Games by more than 8 times. It highlights the magnitude of the match’s impact and the immense marketing value that can be derived from such a high-profile event.

The match marks a significant milestone in the story of Indonesian football. It represents, not only a clash on the pitch but also an opportunity for brands to create lasting connections with fans and consumers. The media buzz generated by the match, combined with global interest, has provided a platform for marketers to shine on both local and international stages.

Let us embrace this exciting era and elevate the game of marketing in the domain of Indonesian football.

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