It’s like we live in heaven, but we don’t make the most of everything heavenly.

Maybe those are the words that can be analogous to the state of football in Indonesia. Nielsen reported in 2017 that Indonesia, the world’s fourth-biggest country in terms of population, is the second country with 77% of people in interest following football, ahead of Thailand and Saudi Arabia.

With hundreds of clubs in Indonesia from amateurs to professionals, the number of football players in Indonesia officially registered by PSSI is 67,000. These are included in approximately 1,500 players who play at the professional level in Indonesian football competitions (Liga 1 & Liga 2).

However, the level of awareness regarding the importance of branding is still very low. Many people who are in the world of football think of a short way to maximize revenue marketing potential, they don’t think they need a bridge to get there. We call the bridge a branding business.

Therefore, Status Pro Sport is here in Indonesia to help players, clubs, and brands reach their highest potential. We are a service management agency for football players, clubs, coaches, esports players, and supporting professionals in sports.

Our team is made up of players, ex-players, seasoned entrepreneurs, and professionals who are fully dedicated to helping our clients through their entire journey. We represent the interests of our clients to help them achieve their maximum results, both in terms of technical and business.

The Team

Our mission is to ensure our clients realize their full potential, and exponentially increase their reach, influence, and earning power. We value long-term, mutually beneficial relationships and are sincerely vested in the success of our clients.

Status Pro Sport specializes in talent representation and management, personal brand management and marketing, sponsorships, endorsements, education, and training. We see the development and high demand in digital and traditional marketing, technology, media, entertainment, and business, we can provide our clients with innovative solutions to engage with brands, fans, customers, and sponsors.

Indonesia & MK Effect

Status Pro Sport was founded in 2011 by Estafano van Aanholt, a qualified professional consultant. The Dutchman who has Indonesian roots is also a social influencer, reliable in managing lifestyle brands, and a (former) football player.

We distinguish ourselves as a service provider in the world of professional football by offering a dedicated service that is reliable, transparent, and of the highest quality – always aiming for a long-term relationship.

We work to achieve maximum results for our clients and offer them a hassle-free service. Status Pro Sport is a state-of-the-art management agency, by football players, for football players.

The existence of Status Pro Sport in Indonesia does not just happen. It was like a path of fate that the universe had supported. Estafano who has Indonesian blood met an extraordinary talented footballer who took advantage of his second chance to revise his professional career as a footballer.

Marc as a footballer was also a brilliant businessman off the field. Marc’s relationship with Status Pro Sport initially involved consulting for the advancement of his business. But the relationship developed into a partnership as Status Pro Sport embraced my interest in being involved in being the solution to all problems related to football and social projects.

Not only that, as a company that has football as its DNA, Status Pro Sport sees Indonesia as a country where football can become a religion. Indonesia has a passion for football and offers great business opportunities.

In the course of his career in Indonesia, Marc turned into a star. He is not only a reliable footballer on the field but also skilled off the field and a big social influencer in Indonesia.

It’s no wonder that many brands are dealing with Marc, and almost all of us are assisting Marc.

“Status Pro Sport helped in all aspects of the business in my life. They are the ones who have had a hand and allowed me to focus on football so that I can be successful both on and off the pitch.”

With this success, Marc and Estafano have finally realized their dream of bringing Status Pro Sport to Indonesia and fully have a team operating in Indonesia with local talents who have worked with Marc for many years.

“I initiated Status Pro Sport in Indonesia because I have experienced tremendous benefits. I want to help local sportsmen in Indonesia get the same benefits as Status Pro Sport, become champions as footballers in competitions, become successful entrepreneurs in business, succeed as a human being who has a positive impact on society.”

– Marc

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