Do you know the hidden treasure in your social media?

It’s very near to you. It’s on your social media analytic.

All the activities we share, the interactions we get from followers, the rate of response you reply to audiences, and other activities gather together to form data that is very useful for our social media activities.

The accurate, unique, and relevant information can be useful for your social media in many ways.

So, that is what I want to say why we all really need to measure, analyze, and interpret our social media data to find out whether our social media activities are working effectively or not.

Moreover, with conversations about social media becoming increasingly frequent, professionals today are paying more attention to a wide variety of related aspects, such as data and analytic.⁠

And now, I am so grateful to be the part of this project to make a super-niche podcast as I accompanied by this dynamic expert, Kuntowiyoga, who I call a mentor.

We have a very high desire to share what we’ve learned and what we’ve experienced from the thing that we love, which is football. So we are always calling this project a super-niche project. But its okay, we would like to resonate powerfully with a specific audience in order to drive strong results from the football industry.

Please let us join the exciting and frenetic world of Indonesian podcasts.

Enjoy the podcast!

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